Buckeye Amps was founded in 2020 with the goal of bringing the highly regarded Hypex NCORE amplifier technology to the US at prices that the whole audio community could afford. At that time, Hypex NCORE was pushing the performance of Class D into the same territory occupied by more expensive Class AB offerings. But unfortunately there was limited access to NCORE offerings in the US without looking abroad (and paying a premium, too). We sought to offer the same Hypex NCORE performance as other established companies but at more affordable pricing, hence our motto: audiophile for the masses.

Since then, Buckeye Amps has grown to become a notable player in the home audio Class D amplifier segment, thanks in large part to the audio community and their support. Our continuing expansion now includes the latest Purifi offerings (including the upcoming 2nd generation Eigentakt module) and Hypex NCx modules. Additionally, we are finalizing development of our very own Integrated Amplifier that is tailored to check a lot of boxes the community wants while still utilizing the Class D leading technologies of Hypex and Purifi.


Hypex NCx500, 3ch (w/custom Micro Audio SMPS)
Purifi 2nd generation Eigentakt 1ET9040BA, Monoblock
Buckeye Amps 2ch Integrated Amplifier
Hypex NC2k, Monoblock