GSG Audio Design is based in Los Angeles CA and we manufacture high performance, easy to assemble DIY subwoofer kits, as well as fully finished passive & active subwoofers. We stock drivers from Dayton Audio, Stereo Integrity, LaVoce, Eminence and amplification from Behringer, Crown, and SpeakerPower.

We are now open 7 days a week and available at, or at 657-549-2410.

Exhibiting Products

Going to Kyle Bliss (Life of Bliss):
-Dual 21 with Eminence NSW6021’s
-Dual 18, woofers to be determined (GSG custom 18 is ideal, if we have the woofer ready in time for the show)

Going to Ryan Charpentier:
-2 x BTS (Behind the Screen) series enclosures with built in risers (front port kits), with Eminence NSW6021’s.