We are excited to have RTJ Audio as a Premiere Sponsor for MWAVE 2022.


We can’t wait for you to hear the “Tower of Power” on the main stage! It will be an exhilarating, high-fidelity, high-output experience you won’t forget.


RTJ 410 and RTJ 18Sub  


RTJ Audio started with the idea of combining audiophile technology with professional speaker technology to create speakers capable of the finest fidelity while delivering maximum dynamics. Careful engineering and highest quality components are employed to achieve smooth sound, incredible detail and seemingly limitless headroom.


We are excited to have Martin Logan as a Premiere Sponsor for MWAVE 2022.

You will have the opportunity to demo their Motion Series in a Home Theater setup and their Statement as well as their flagship Neolith Series that will be featured in a 2ch setup on the main stage.

Martin Logan Motion


The Motion Series is inspired by the performance of our ultra-high-end electrostatic loudspeakers and is perfect for music or home cinema lovers. Discover confident floor-standing speakers, and gutsy compact bookshelf models, with timbre-matched centers, all featuring Martin Logan’s cutting edge Folded Motion tweeter and backed by exceptional components and hand-built crossovers. They reveal a richly detailed audio experience at an unrivalled price.

Martin Logan Masterpiece CI


Masterpiece CI is the pinnacle of discreet in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeaker design. A tribute to the acoustic achievements of Martin Logan’s original iconic masterpiece, our electrostatic speakers. Masterpiece CI delivers State-of-the-art Truth in Sound—from extreme home theater to transcendent two-channel listening. Featuring lightning-fast, low-distortion, Folded Motion® XT Obsidian tweeters, flagship-class Vojtko crossover networks, and unidirectional carbon fiber multi-section cone drivers with a Nomex® backer, the Masterpiece CI Series offers the biggest, boldest, and most lifelike performance possible.

Statement 40XW MSRP:
$22,500.00 each

Martin Logan Masterpiece Neolith


The absolute biggest, boldest, most outrageous performance possible, the Masterpiece Series is the pinnacle of today’s electrostatic loudspeaker design. From Home Theater to extreme 2-channel listening, this is the art of Truth in Sound. For those who appreciate accuracy and realism in their audio, the electrostatic transducer is the grail. For those who understand this truth in sound, we created a flagship loudspeaker: Neolith. Made-to-order, hand-delivered and professionally installed; in a world of same, Neolith proclaims different. In a world of artifice, Neolith delivers truth in sound.

Neolith MSRP:
$99,999 / pair