mwave 2022
Digital Access only

As much as we would love to have you here in person to experience first-hand product comparisons, making new friendships and partaking in some incredible Home Theater and 2 channel demos, we realize not everyone is willing or able to travel to the event.

This year, we are offering a Digital Access Only at NO CHARGE!

Instead of charging a set price for a Digital Access Ticket, we are opening it up to the public.

During the 3 day event, we will be providing Live Streams throughout each day as well as seminars from various brands.

If you have found value in the 500+ videos on my YouTube channel and want to help support the work that we are doing for the A/V community through MWAVE and help us to make this the best possible event we can, we would greatly appreciate your support by making a contribution of any amount below.


Private: MWAVE 2022 Donation