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Hampton Inn Lawrence:

2300 W 6th St
Lawrence, KS 66049
(785) 841-4994

Nightly Room Rate: $145 (use MAV Group Code)

Reservation Options:

  1. Call us directly at 785-841-4994 with the dates you’d like to stay and your group name (MWAVE Midwest AV Event) or group rate code (MAV).
  2. Reserve online using the Reserve Online button above. The button has your group rate already loaded. Default dates – checking in Friday 7/22 and checking out Sunday 7/24. Guests can adjust nights as needed.

Additional Information:

Cut-off Date: Friday 7/1/22 – Must make reservations by this date to received discounted rate

We offer complimentary hot breakfast, an indoor pool, fitness center and free Wifi!

We are the #1 rated hotel in Lawrence on TripAdvisor.