This Home Theater Tour is available only to VIP Gold and VIP Platinum attendees.

Jonathan is generously donating the demo of his incredible theater. VIP ticket holders will demo his theater together and share a meal catered by MWAVE.

Location: Blue Springs, MO


Jonathan’s Home Theater:

LED Lights for Speakers: RGB Controller –
Addressable RGB LED Strip –
RGB Extension Wire –
LED Connectors (Will save you hours) –
Projector: Epson 5040UB –
Epson LS12000
Screen: Jamestown 144″ 2.35:1 Seymour XD acoustic transparent screen

Audio System: 9.8.4:
Denon AVR X6700H in dedicated pre-amp mode –
(2) Crown 8|300N amps for 16 channels of 300 watt per channel amplification and DSP –

(13) JBL CBT 70J-1 in a 9.8.4 speaker layout

(8) UM18-22 18″ subwoofers in 21″ sealed boxes
(4) iNuke DSP 6000 amplifiers = one subwoofer driver per channel.
NX6000 DSP Amp –
(4) Buttkicker Advance 4:3, one per chair for tactile feedback, powered by a Crown XLS 802
ButtKicker Advance –
ButtKicker BKLFE –
ButtKicker Mini –
(4) MB Quart II 12″ subwoofers, one per chair for BOSS style tactile feedback, powered by (4) ButtKicker 130-OE amps.

Component Devices:
Xbox Series X, PS4, Roku 4K stick, Firestick 4K, Panasonic DP-UB420, HTPC

(4) Berkline recliners composing the single seating row and a card table and chairs behind.

Rounded Acoustic Foam –