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Each year I hear, “I wish you could bring MWAVE to my city.”

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That’s why we’re bringing MWAVE 2024 to you (or at least part of it).


What you’ll get:

1. Exclusive access: Learn from the best in the business. You’ll hear from Brett Bjorkquist (MRKTMKR), Anthony Grimani (Grimani Systems), Walt Zerbe (CEDIA), Simon Spears (OSD Audio) and others as they share their experience and vast knowledge of home theater with you.

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4. Knowledge: Learn how to make your home theater the very best it can be, straight from the experts who set the standards.

How to Perform Expert Calibrations using Dirac


In this class calibration guru Matt Trinklein from StormAudio will demonstrate live how to perform a calibration using tools built into most Dirac capable surround receivers and processors.

  • Pre-testing system tools and methods
  • How to utilize third party software to verify the system
  • How to align multiple subwoofers in a system
  • How to phase align front channels and subwoofers
  • What can be corrected and what can’t be corrected
  • Target curves
  • How to use and maximize Bass Control and Active Room Treatment (ART)

Matt Trinklein (StormAudio)

Theater Design 101


In this class we will teach you the correct design methodology for pre-engineering a high-performance private cinema or media room.

  • Basic Design Methodology
  • Room Analysis for Subwoofer System
  • Real world applications of Atmos layouts
  • SPL: How much is needed and how to calculate it?
  • Acoustic Treatment Basics

Gary Blouse (StormAudio)

Educated Buyer – Projectors

What to look for when evaluating a projector.

Projectors at MWAVE 2024

Live demonstrations and discussion covering:

  • Brightness
  • Black Level
  • Tone Mapping
  • Contrast (Native vs ANSI)
  • Color Gamut (BT.709, BT.2020, DCI-P3)
  • Motion Interpolation & Refresh Rate
  • Resolution (1080p, 4K, 4K E-Shift, 8K)
  • Lamp vs. Laser
  • Zoom & Focus
  • Lens Shift
  • Technology (D-ILA, DLP, LCD)
  • Calibration considerations
  • and more!

Nick Oldroyd
Andy Grimm

Media Room Design – A Case Study


Brett Bjorkquist walks the group through his latest personal project, a 5.2.4 system being built in a beautiful, but not very accommodating, open area media room. We’ll walk through the major decisions for the room to provide you with plenty of tips for building your own room.

  • Thought process on seating and room design
  • Identifying the issues with the room you’re building in
  • Strategize on ways to remove or tame those issues
  • Video and pics of actual build and programming
  • Practical discussion on DSP adjustments and acoustic panels that get the SOA.

Brett Bjorkquist (MRKTMKR)

Brett Bjorkquist has an incredible YouTube channel. Be sure to follow him below.

Audio considerations for achieving Level 1-4 reference home theaters using CEDIA’s RP22


CEDIA’s recommended practices document details the technical requirements suggested for achieving reference performance in Home Theaters. This class will look at all of the Audio elements, including measurements and parameters that are required to achieve Level 1-4 theaters.

Performance Objectives

  • Dialog clarity
  • Localization accuracy
  • Sound movement
  • Sound field immersion and envelopment
  • Tonal balance (timbre)
  • Dynamic range
  • Bass impact
  • Audience coverage
  • Sound isolation

Room Optimization

  • Sound Transmission
  • Sound Isolation
  • Acoustical Treatment

Speaker Selection

  • Performance specifications: Spatial resolution, Dynamic range, Timbre
  • Measurements
  • Calibration

Power Requirements

Walt Zerbe (CEDIA)
Simon Spears (OSD Audio)

Panel Discussion – Theater Design


Brett Bjorkquist from FAQnatics moderates an all-star panel as we reference classic questions and discuss best practices with the class, as well as providing plenty of time for attendees to get their personal questions answered by this group.

  • Acoustic Fundamentals
  • Room Design

Anthony Grimani (Grimani Systems)
Brett Bjorkquist (MRKTMKR)

Panel Discussion – Bass Management


Brett Bjorkquist from FAQnatics moderates an all-star panel as we reference classic questions and discuss best practices with the class, as well as providing plenty of time for attendees to get their personal questions answered by this group.

  • Bass Management

Anthony Grimani (Grimani Systems)
Brett Bjorkquist (MRKTMKR)
Matt Trinklein (StormAudio)

Panel Discussion – Networked Audio


Why Networked Audio is the Future of Home Theater and Audio Distribution

  • Case Study – CEDIA Expo Sound Room 10
  • Elimination of Hum in the system
  • Get rid of multiple expensive XLR cables and replace them with simple Ethernet cables.
  • Speaker design (Grimani Systems)
  • Processors with AES67 or Dante from StormAudio

Matt Trinklein (StormAudio)
Anthony Grimani (Grimani Systems)
Gary Blouse (StormAudio)
Brett Bjorkquist (MRKTMKR)