Who we are

Michael Stevens Youthman

Michael Stevens (Co-founder of MWAVE)

Michael Stevens’ passion for home theater began at the age of 15. Every weekend, he would visit Sound Advice to listen and spend hours in their demo rooms. As a young adult, he worked at Circuit City where he purchased his first Dolby Prologic home theater consisting. In 2007, Michael, his wife and their 4 children purchased their first home which included a dedicated home theater. In 2018, Michael (aka Youthman) began creating content on Youtube in the form of Home Theater Tours, tips and product reviews and has since grown his channel to almost 100,000 subscribers. In January of 2020, he made the move to full-time content creator and now travels the country creating content at AV trade shows, working with AV brands and providing inspiration through Home Theater Tours. In January of 2022, Michael Co-founded MWAVE – MidWest AV Experience with Ryan Charpentier.

Ryan Charpentier - M0ltar

Ryan Charpentier (Co-founder of MWAVE)

Ryan started Ascend Audio Video to break away from the snake oil and distrust that normally envelopes a business to customer relationships in the audio video world. He desires to establish a trusted partner that customer and clients could turn to for help and guidance when something was needed. Too many times and from too many people and companies are customers taken advantage of. Ascend Audio Video is different and hopes they can partner with you on your next audio video endeavour.