This Home Theater Tour is available only to VIP Gold and VIP Platinum attendees.

We are excited to announce that Sheldon is opening up his incredible Home Theater for a tour and demos to all Gold and Platinum VIP’s.

Location: Shawnee, KS


Sheldon’s Home Theater:

Room Size: 23 deep 17.5 long

Projectors: JVC NZ7, Epson 5040ub
Screen: Elite AcousticPro UHD 158″ diagonal 2:35:1

Speakers: 7.x.4 configuration
LRC speakers: 3 JBL 4722n
Side and Rear Surrounds: 4 JBL 70-j1
Ceiling: 4 RSL C34E

Subwoofers: 8 18’s
Stereo Integrity SI18 Sealed 4 cu ft boxes
Sub Amps: Cerwin Vega CV 5000

Hover/Boss. 14 12’s
JBL CS1214
Sub Amps: 2 inuke 3000 dsp

AVR: Onkyo rz50
Minidsp 2×4

Streaming devices: Nvidia Shield Pro, Apple 4k, X-Box 1S

Acoustic Treatments:
5 Alpha Series 6″
2 2’x2′ 242 panels with scatter plates
2 tri-trap corner bass traps

Auralex diffusion panels:
36 Geofuser 11
4 Geofuser 22

Skyline 8″ diffusion panels (2) bought on etsy
Ceiling 2lb Acoustic Skyline Sound Diffuser Studio Treatment – Etsy

JoAnn Royal Velvet 3 covering front half of the ceiling and walls