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Barco Njord
Barco Medea

Barco Residential specializes in the finest premium projectors and DV-LED video walls. Barco projectors are found in approximately 65% of the global commercial cinema market, making Barco the defacto reference standard for premium video projection.

Barco offers a full range of projectors in our Pulse Series with up to 12,500 lumens and up to 12 different lens options. This makes it possible to find the perfect projector for any size screen and any throw distance. Our DCI projectors range from 7,500 lumens to 32,000 lumens and include our Alchemy server, which makes it possible to play the exact same encrypted movie files which are delivered to commercial theaters.

DV-LED is the next revolution in home theater. Everything changes with a Barco Residential TruePix LED Video Wall. With precision installation and premium performance, the Northern Lights series reflects Barco’s legendary cinematic DNA. Popular sizes include a 165″ Native 4K in a 16×9 configuration and a 208″ Native 5K in a cinemascope configuration. These displays take your breath away, whether installed in a media room, or a carefully calibrated theater. It’s the ultimate binge watch!