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June 21-23, 2024

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Dates: June 21-23, 2024
Venue: Kansas City Convention Center

MWAVE is a gathering of enthusiasts where we can share our passion for Home Theater and music through blind comparisons between various amplifiers, speakers, AVR , and more.

At MWAVE, you can meet many of the owners and even engineers of the brands you love.

Many of these brands will provide full Dolby Atmos Experiences in their rooms.

We’ll also have FREE Home Theater Seminars that are included with your 3-Day General Admission ticket.

For those looking to have the ultimate experience at MWAVE 2024, you can purchase one or more VIP Home Theater Experiences to demo incredible local Home Theaters.

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MWAVE 2024 Seminars and Tech Talks

MWAVE 2024 has an international appeal! This year, we are excited to have attendees and vendors joining us from 6 countries and 37 out of the 50 United States!

MWAVE 2024 Seminars and Tech Talks

At MWAVE 2023, we offered 6 seminars. This year, we are EXCITED to announce that we will have 13 Seminars and Tech Talks at MWAVE 2024!

What Others Say

About MWAVE!



“There’s NOTHING like it in the world!”

“LOVE the JTR room…Reference Level!”

“I met a lot of great people.”

“The experience has been overwhelming.”

“The best audio show event I’ve ever been to!”

“I love Michael’s heart about relationships.”

“MWAVE 2023 was already better than it started”

“This is WAY BIGGER…massive show”


Maaaaaannnnn MWAVE 2023 was a hit no doubt!! Michael Stevens and Ryan Charpentier put together such an awesome event I was very lucky to attend and I will certainly be there next year!! After hours I got to experience Ryan’s personal home theater and that was quite the treat, Martin Logan speakers literally everywhere so many 😂 maybe next he will have people hold some in their laps 🤣. Sounded absolutely amazing music/movies certainly dialed in nicely. The bottom end with 5 JTR Captivator 😮was impactful to say the least! Great job Ryan and thanks again!! Jonathan Von Engeln also had some folks over after the show Saturday night and just another amazing experience, everything dialed in perfectly , the room looked and sounded great , 8-18’s 👍👍🔊🔊 super comfortable seats and a really fun and immersive experience two very very well done home theaters thanks again guys for the hospitality and your welcome anytime at my place if you find yourselves wandering around Chicagoland.
To everyone I met at mwave what a great time some old some new faces and just melting the hours away in endless conversations made for a great weekend!! Hats off to the vendors for putting on a great show and can’t wait for next year!!


Just want to thank everyone who put on a great experience this weekend. Experience rooms were amazing. I’m so glad we went and look forward to next year. For anyone that’s thinking about going, just do it. You will not be disappointed. I can’t express how awesome it was to experience things you will likely not see anywhere else. The people were amazing and all the vendors and creators were very approachable and down to earth.  My wife and I really enjoyed ourselves and discussed it for hours. Thanks again everyone.


Thank you Michael Stevens and Ryan Charpentier for pulling off an AMAZING EVENT! I had so much fun, met many new friends, and learned a bunch! Looking forward to what you have planned for MWAVE 2024.


I won the Home Theater lottery. I was able to get the VIP Gold late in the Game. Ryan’s , Grant and Jonathan house were exceptional. I had to work so missed Sheldon’s house. Before MWAVE, I had only experienced my Atmos system. To be able to hear JTR, Perlisten, Stereo Integrity, SVS full systems, it changed what is acceptable. Darn you. Now Ihave to buy more subs! The wealth of knowledge that people were very willing to share and were not judgemental to us mere mortals. Thank you Michael and Ryan. A special thanks to Jeff Permanian for turning it up to 14!


MWAVE 23 was a blast! Not only was this year bigger and better than last year, with a more open space, and additional vendors, the event allowed for more connections with other hobbyists, discovering new vendors, and reconnecting with business partners from last year. I am a new enthusiast to the home theater world, but my interests in audio and visuals intrigued me to connect with fellow hobbyists and share knowledge and interests. I had the opportunity to volunteer throughout the MWAVE event, and it was an unforgettable experience. I am already looking forward to next year’s MWAVE, and I invite you to join us in Kansas City, the heart of the US, next year.


MWAVE is a unique event for audio and visual enthusiasts. Unlike other AV events, which are primarily focused on vendors showcasing their products, MWAVE is all about bringing enthusiasts together to have a good time and participate in activities and experiences that foster learning, growth, and camaraderie.

At MWAVE, you’ll have the opportunity to join general discussions, attend home theater and 2ch demos and seminars, share knowledge with others, enjoy delicious Kansas City BBQ, and participate in product comparisons. The event spans three days and is designed to be an enjoyable and memorable experience for all attendees.

Unlike other events, MWAVE is not focused on selling products. Our goal is simply to create a fun and engaging environment for enthusiasts to come together, learn from one another, and make new friends.

Join us for the Midwest AV Experience and be a part of something truly unique and special.

Join our Discord group to build relationships with other Home Theater Enthusiasts, discuss speakers, projectors, and get the latest scoup on the MidWest AV Experience!