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June 21-23, 2024

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MWAVE 2024 is a wrap!

494 attendees spanning 8 countries, over 30 vendors, 6 full Dolby Atmos Experience Rooms, 13 seminars and tech talks. It was a phenomenal show!

I met so many incredible people, enjoyed dinner with new friends, had some absolutely 1st class Home Theater experiences from Ascendo, JTR, SVS, RBH, Grimani Systems.

A huge thank you to Ryan Charpentier for the hard work and sacrifices he has made over the past three years to help make MWAVE 2024 a success.

Rusty Mensch did a phenomenal job as our Event Coordinator handling registration, recruiting and coordinating our MANY volunteers. Rusty has been a huge support for me and has helped take a lot of my responsibilities, so I could focus on being present with attendees and vendors.

A huge thank you to Benny Sibbitt from Photography in Motion for priding these incredible photos! Feel free to download the ones you are in and share them on your social media. Tag Benny in them and let him know how much you appreciate his hard work over the weekend.

Benny Sibbitt and Jake Parker did an amazing job filming the Seminars and many of the tech talks. I’ll be getting with them to see what videos they were able to film for the Video on Demand. Once I get with them and get back home, I’ll be adding what all was filmed to the website.

I’ll be on a flight back to Florida today with many more posts and updates, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Thank you to EVERYONE that had any part in MWAVE 2024. I’m so grateful and humbled at the love and support I received this weekend.

Be blessed!


George Parker with Theater at Home shares his experience at MWAVE 2024.

MWAVE 2024 Seminars and Tech Talks

We are excited to announce this year we filmed 8 seminars and tech talks at MWAVE 2024! We are working to get these edited and will have the Replays available through Video on Demand.

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About MWAVE!


MWAVE is a unique event for audio and visual enthusiasts. Unlike other AV events, which are primarily focused on vendors showcasing their products, MWAVE is all about bringing enthusiasts together to have a good time and participate in activities and experiences that foster learning, growth, and camaraderie.

At MWAVE, you’ll have the opportunity to join general discussions, attend home theater and 2ch demos and seminars, share knowledge with others, enjoy delicious Kansas City BBQ, and participate in product comparisons. The event spans three days and is designed to be an enjoyable and memorable experience for all attendees.

Unlike other events, MWAVE is not focused on selling products. Our goal is simply to create a fun and engaging environment for enthusiasts to come together, learn from one another, and make new friends.

Join us for the Midwest AV Experience and be a part of something truly unique and special.

Join our Discord group to build relationships with other Home Theater Enthusiasts, discuss speakers, projectors, and get the latest scoup on the MidWest AV Experience!