A HUGE thanks to Chris Czech for compiling the below list of coffee shops.

Coffee… MWAVE will require energy. What better way to have energy than a local morning brew. Here are some spots nearby downtown KC to satisfy the caffeine itch…

The Roasterie – The main location of this KC staple is a mile southwest of KCCC on – ironically named – Southwest Blvd. Look for a plane and you’re there (drive thru available).

Mildred’s (Crossroads) – Just a local coffee shop with a spacious seating area, but a fairly eclectic menu.

City Market Coffee (River Market) – If you want a place that has an off the street feel, here it is. They even make shakes! Word of warning, Saturday mornings are when the local farm and craft vendors set up shop – may cause distractions from MWAVE!

Messenger Coffee and Ibis Bakery (Crossroads) – Now here is where you can get a coffee, carb, and sugar rush all at once. The bakery here is essentially in your face when you visit.

Blip Roasters – Blip Roasters revolves around how we live our lives and staying true to what drives us. Riding moves us through life. Coffee is our opportunity to pause and re-align during the curves thrown at us in daily life.

Of course there are dozens of Starbucks shops around. As for the evening brews (beer, if that’s your thing), ask the locals on where to get an end of day libation!