Room #2205

Cinemike offers carefully developed tunings, modifications and enhancements for all areas of your home theater installation.

Through many years of experience, Michael Krehl alias “Cinemike” has developed methods for adding the finishing touches to already good standard equipment through electronic modifications.

MWAVE 2024 will be their first time appearance in the US to introduce their products to the US market.

They will be providing A/B comparisons with the Trinnov Altitude 32, ATV and Oppo 205 and also use various measuring devices (oscilloscope/spectrum analyser + measuring cables/probes) for visualising the improvements of modified compared to the standard models.

Exhibiting Products


Cinemike Editions:

  • Trinnov Altitude32 CM Edition (472 modifications)
  • MWAVE Premiere: Trinnov Amplitude16 CM Edition
  • MWAVE Premiere: Dynacord L3600FD DSP Amp CM Edition
  • OPPO UDP-205 CM Final Edition
  • Lumagen Radiance Pro CM Final Edition
  • Keces P8 Ultra Low Noise Linear Power Supply CM Edition
  • Apple TV 4K CM Edition
  • Cinemike Ultimate Fiber 8K HDMI

Barco Residential:

Seymour AV:

  • 130” (141” Diag) Cinemascope, Matinee Black, Ambient Light Rejection