This Home Theater Tour is available only to VIP Gold and VIP Platinum attendees.

We are excited to announce that Grant is opening up his incredible Home Theater for a tour and demos to all Gold and Platinum VIP’s.

Location: Olatha, KS


Grant’s Home Theater:

Construction thread on AVS forum – LINK

Dedicated room with sound isolation using false wall with AT screen and 2 rows of seating with a riser.

Room Dimensions 15′ x 19′ x8′.

All equipment located outside of theater in a projection room.

Speaker layout 7.2.4

LCR: (3) JTR Noesis 212 HT (3 way like the current HTR line)
Surrounds: (8) JTR Slanted 8 LP
Subwoofers: (2) JTR Orbit Shifter LFU
AVR: Denon x7200wa (No Audyssey in use, manual EQ only)
Amplifier: Yamaha MX-5000 11 Channel Amplifier
Subwoofer EQ: DBX DriveRack PA2
Source: Oppo UDP 203 UHD disc player
Projector: JVC DLA-NX7 Professionally calibrated
Remote: Harmony Elite
Rack: MA ERK series
Screen: 9 ft wide (110″) 2.35:1 Enlightor Neo with Seymour AV frame. Purchased the masking panels for 1.78:1 content.
Automation: Insteon
Quest, GIK, and DIY with OC 705 and OC Select Black and bass trap in riser etc

Short term plans include HTP-1, JVC NZ7, Wides