This VIP Home Theater Experience is in addition to the General Admission ticket.

Location: Excelsior Springs, MO 64024

AVS Forum: Scrappydue

Room Dimensions: 12′ Wide 21′ Deep (2′ of false wall for a total of 23′)

Guests per tour: 7

Speaker Layout: 7.2.4


  • 9am – 11:30am
  • 12:30pm – 3:00pm (ONLY 3 SPOTS LEFT)
  • 4:00pm – 6:30pm (SOLD OUT)


Panasonic AE-8000 (this may change before MWAVE as it is OLD)

2.35 141″ Diagonal Seymour Center Stage UF with black backer cloth.

Speakers and Subwoofers:
(3) Klipsch Cornwall IV
(4) Klipsch pro-180rpw in-walls
(4) Klipsch pro-180rpc in-ceilings
(6) seaton sound 18″ sealed subwoofers

Audio and Video:
Marantz AV7706 processor
(2) Marantz MM8077 amplifiers
Speaker power SP2-8000-HT amplifier
Sony 1000es UHD player
Apple TV 4K
2 Surgex XR-315

Octane Continental

Additional Info:

I may have Buttkicker Advanced installed on all seats by MWAVE.

Living room theater is a 5.2.4 with Perlisten front stage. S7t, S7c, D212s X2 subs. Powered by Parasound halo A31. klipsch pro-180rpc for atmos. R-5650-s ii for sides surrounds.

Bar theater is 5.2 with DIYSG 893 for LCR and Volt-6 surrounds. LCR powered by Crown pro amps. Subs are SVS SB-16 ultras.

Home has one cat and one dog. Dog will be gone for demos. Cat will be in a bedroom. Wanted anyone with allergies to at least be aware of it.