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Absolute Ultimate AV’s special edition of the Christie M 4K15-RGB Laser Projector that includes higher performance modifications and enhancements as well as optimization for home theaters and private screening rooms.

Phenomenal Color Performance

Proprietary next generation RGB laser light engine delivers incredible color performance, measuring typically over 98% of the BT.2020 color gamut. With color volume that is 150% greater than DCI-P3, 12-bit color depth, perfect chroma sub-sampling, exceptional saturation, yielding astonishingly deep and realistic color performance unlike what most people will have ever experienced before.

Game-changing Contrast

Revolutionary high contrast technologies achieve exceptional full-range contrast performance. With ground-breaking 10,000:1 native sequential ON/OFF contrast, along with high mid-range intra-frame contrast and high ANSI contrast. Producing superior blacks and dynamic HDR performance, with tremendous depth and images appearing to be very three-dimensional.

Compact Engineering

Introducing the smallest, lightest, quietest, all-in-one RGB pure laser projector on the market. With innovative, cutting-edge RGB pure laser technology. Electronic color convergence (ECC) gives you the ability to select red, green, or blue individually and converge via remote control. Proprietary LiteLOC™ technology automatically manages your brightness over time. With up to 8,000 lumens and an incredibly small form factor, the versatile Christie M 4K15 AS is a superb advancement in RGB pure laser projection technology.


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