Room #2203 & #2204


Exhibiting Products

F 170UB (2.37)
170” (185” Diag) Cinemascope Premier Frame, AT, with RMS motorized side masking (16:9)

130” (150” Diag) Proscenium 16:9 High Gain Motorized Masking Screen System

130” (150” Diag) Premier Frame 16:9 High Gain Screen

105” (120” Diag) Premier Frame (16:9) AT Material

(120” Diag) Precision Frame, Matinee Black, Ambient Light Rejection

Additional Products in This Experience Room

JTR 9.4.4 Dolby Atmos System

  • (9) JTR Noesis 212RT
  • (6) JTR Noesis 110HT
  • (4) JTR Captivator 4000ULF-TL




Center Stage screens are acoustically transparent projection screens that gives you the flexibility of placing your speakers behind the image.  You can now use a center channel identical to your main speakers, place your existing center vertically behind the screen for improved horizontal frequency response, or have the screen in front of all three speakers for a true cinema experience.  The reference-quality woven Center Stage XD screen fabric has the highest gain on the market, providing you with a sharp, bright image from edge to edge at 4K resolutions.  With 1,732 holes per square inch, it does not require any EQ, will not audibly comb filter, and attenuates the sound on average 1.4dB above 2kHz.

The Center Stage UF screen fabric features a perfectly smooth surface, no minimum seating distance, and improves black levels by 20%.  It also features the acoustical transparency Center Stage screens are known for, with an average attenuation of 2.2dB above 2kHz.

Glacier White and Gray screens are diffusion surfaces for a perfectly uniform image in rooms with light control and darker surfaces.

Matinee screens feature reflective optical layers to filter out side light from light color room surfaces or ambient light.  The Silver 2.0 doubles your image’s white levels and is especially suited for the brightness demands of 3D. The Black can improve your black levels by nine times.  The Wide can accommodate larger screens, shorter viewing and projection angles and is the smoothest on the market, now available in MicroPerf (average attenuation of 3.0dB above 2kHz).

Seymour AV screens use only premium components and are custom built here in the US.

Following years of development, Seymour AV released more new framing options and a masking screen. The Proscenium motorized masking frame is available for all our screen materials and brings our infamous Made-in-Iowa quality to you at about half the cost of other masking frame screens on the market. With removable velvet trim and ultra-quiet DC motors, the Proscenium can have either side masks (constant image height), or top/bottom masks (constant image width), with acoustically transparent masking.

The Metro fixed frame is our thinnest border yet, featuring a clever behind-the-screen mechanics system. This gives you the robustness of a three inch wide frame but the removable trim pieces in front are only 1.5″ wide. The back-bezel is designed for LED strips and to give a floating look that’s only 3/4″ deep.