Room #2203

11.8.6 Dolby Atmos JTR Experience

Exhibiting Products

(11) Noesis 212RT
(6) Noesis 110HT
(8) Captivator 4000ULF-TL

Additional Exhibiting Products

180″ Seymour Screen-Excellence – Acoustically Transparent Enlightor NEO with 4-way masking
JTR RS1 subwoofer

JTR Extreme Experience

JTR demos will be at reference level or below during MWAVE except for the Extreme Experience times listed below.

WARNING! These demos will be 140dB +. You will be required to sign a waiver and also wear earplugs (which will be provided).

Friday: 8pm (3 min demo)
Saturday: Noon & 6pm (3 min demo)
Sunday: Noon (3 min demo)

Please arrive 5 – 10 min PRIOR to the scheduled times to make sure you have your waiver signed and earplugs.

JTR Videos

DEVASTATING 9.4.6 Dolby Atmos
JTR Home Theater at MWAVE 2023!