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Room #2205

This Experience Room will feature a pair of THE BLACK SWAN (BE) PRO ACTIVE EXT REFERENCE CINEMA speakers, joined by a pair of THE32 SUB PRO PASSIVE INFRASONIC SEALED subwoofers in a two-channel music demonstration. In addition to highlighting the incredible musicality of the BLACK SWANS, THE 32s will show off their speed, punch and integration finesse for music.

Room #2212

Ascendo / StormAudio / Christie / Seymour Experience Room will have a complete Dolby Atmos system, featuring Ascendo speaker models that are appropriate for a wider range of budgets, including several of the non-PRO models such as The12 PASSIVE, The10 PASSIVE, The6 PASSIVE, and the recently released The16 ACTIVE SUB.

Decades of research into the sound perception of the human hearing lead to the conclusion that concentric speakers are ideal for immersive audio reproduction.

High-performance professional point-source drive units are an absolute prerequisite for the time-coherent dynamic reproduction of audio signals. Combined with the most advanced digital electronics it creates an unmatched immersive cinematic experience with unlimited dynamics. In modern movies where LFE bass can extend down to 3Hz, the second most important speakers are woofers and subwoofers which reproduce tight infrasonic bass. AIA perfected this group of speakers like no other company to give the tightest punchiest lowest bass reproduction ever.